Request: Hotkey for Game Speeds

One thing that I use (and abuse) in other games is hotkeys to change game speed. This is really vital when you’d like to make a snap decision and action on something (for example, a player is about to die and you’re feeling nice and want to heal him.) :slight_smile:

In The Sims, the hot keys are ` (pause), 1, 2, and 3 (fastest). I realize this doesn’t work here because the number keys are already used for the action bar. Perhaps “,” and “.” buttons to decrease and increase speed or some 2 key combo like that? Maybe PageUp and PageDown? shrug

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Let me think about it! It’d be easy for me to set up four configurable keys to set the four possible speeds (I already implemented that once, but then remembered that I’d already used the number row, so backed it out again)… need to figure out what keys we can use by default, though.

Faster/slower keys would be a little trickier, but probably still doable.

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I’ve put this on F1 -> F4 by default. (Rebindable in options, though, if you don’t like those keys! Very happy to hear proposals of different places to put them by default).

This will be in the next build, which should be today.