Rage bug (Skill activate without enough rage on level > 1)

Issue: (Rage bug. Skill activate without enough rage on level > 1)
Crash (y/n): (n)
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): (Windows)
Version number: (0.17.56)
Description: (I set on my skill the rage which my players get to 1 and on the second skill the activation costs of this skill the rage to 3. Now the Players get with the first skill always 1*[playerlevel] rage. This is fine. If the Player is level 1 he get 1 rage. level 3 he get 3 rage. But the players can always activate the skill with 3 rage. A level 1 player need 3 attacks to get the rage for the second skill. A level 3 player can activate the second skill after 1 attack of skill 1 because he also pays only 3 rage like a level 1 player for activating this skill. If the level 3 player has more than 3 rage the activation of skill 2 will cost up to 9 rage [=3*[playerlevel]. But they dont need the 9 rage to activate it. Hope you can understand what i mean my englisch is not really good ^^)

I understand what you’re saying! I’ll look into things and see what’s going on. :smiley:

Thanks for reporting!

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