Rage and mana amount scaling with the cost

Rage and mana increase in capacity as you level up, and the cost for abilities also scales. Which would normally make sense, except that the cost scales exactly the same way the increase of capacity does. This leads to needless complication with numbers without anything actually changing. I suggest just making rage/mana either not have their cost scale at all, or making it scale not as much.
I’m hoping this makes sense but if not I’ll provide an example just in case.
At level 1, a character with 10 rage can use 1 rage to use an ability. At level 5, a character with 50 rage can use 5 rage to use the same ability. They are both using 10% of their max 100% rage, but there are different numbers. Just adds extra complication


You can also make abilities that steal/destroy mana/rage and those also scale with level. So a higher level mana steal might steal the entirety of a lower lv mobs mana instead of just the same amount.

Was going to mention this as well.
But since it’s already here ill second the ‘nomination’ to have ability costs remain constant or a marginal increase.