Quiet this week

It’s been another quiet week, this week! I’ve had a couple of things going on:

One of the things I haven’t spoken about much is that for the past year I’ve been occasionally acting as an external assessor for a couple of government game-industry grants and investment programs. This usually means reading over a bunch of applications, reading resumes, evaluating budgets, and then making recommendations about whether the applicants qualify for various forms of assistance. Normally, this is the sort of thing that takes up a few hours three or four times per year, spread out enough to not impact other things I’m doing. But the stars happened to align really weirdly this week, with lots of assessments all happening at once, and without the usual lengthy timeline I have to complete them. So… my time available for MMORPG Tycoon 2 has been really low this week.

But with that said! We’re coming right down to the end of the whole MS12 series of builds. In fact, I’ve already completed everything I’d declared needed to be finished in order to release MS13, and I’m now doing a bunch of little “quality of life” things. So the next build will be the first MS13 build; that should either be sometime today, or else Sunday. Once the current set of MS12 testers have had a day or two to look it over and verify that it doesn’t have any catastrophic problems (crashes, etc), I’ll start inviting a new, larger round of testers for the MS13 round of testing. These will be some people selected from the mailing list and some other interested parties.

The last set of tasks I’m working on for this first MS13 build:

  • Monster zones now have an “info window” the same way that players, buildings, and regions do. From there, you can change what type of monsters spawn into the zone, how densely they’re packed into the zone, and what level the monsters are (if the zone is inside a multi-level region)
  • Additional “admin requests” which will provide you with goals and extra rewards from when you first open the doors to your MMORPG, up to the point where you expand into a second region.
  • Monsters should only respawn when they are outside of ‘aggro range’ from any player. This should reduce the frequency with which players get overwhelmed and die, when fighting monsters. (Often, they currently get jumped by additional monsters which had just respawned nearby, when they were in the middle of fighting another monster, and this simply overwhelms them)

I also have a big known bug that I’m trying to track down; occasionally, the model of a dead player appears to be being left behind, entirely stationary in the world. It can’t be selected or moved or interacted with in any way. My best guess is that it’s likely a player who has been killed, and then decided to simply unsubscribe from the game, rather than bother to travel to a respawn point… but I haven’t yet figured out how their model could be remaining on the game map, rather than being removed when they unsubscribe… but since they can’t be selected, that definitely means they aren’t currently logged into the game. So… this will take some debugging.

But… it’s not much stuff left to do! Hoping to be able to get through it all today. :slight_smile:


Also, I should really write another blog post. It’s been way too long since the last one. It’s much harder to write proper real posts than these sorts of “Here’s what’s been going on lately” posts! Major respect to anyone who manages to maintain a real schedule of writing full, real essays.

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yeah,so quiet i appeared in this post

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But since the build 13 released,if im right you said the beta testing would be recruiting at the update 13,where can i sign up?

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