Questions about Rage/Trainers

Hey there! I’m relatively new to the game, and I’m enjoying it a lot so far! I’ve got two short questions though, perhaps because I’ve got very little exeperience when it comes to real MMORPGs:
1: What is Rage and how does it work exactly? Is it just another form of ressource you can spend like Mana?
2: Do Trainers exclusively train abilities of the level of the zone they’re in? E.g. can a Warrior Trainer placed in a Level 2 zone exclusively train the Level 2 Warrior ability? Or can they also train Warrior abilities of a higher level like 4, 6 etc…?
Thanks in advance!

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Hey there!
About rage, its accumulated when a character is in combat. It can be spend on abilities just like mana. When the character leaves combat rage will slowly decline back to 0.

About the trainers, im not 100% certain but i believe a trainer in a lvl 2 zone cant train other levels. Youll need to get confirmation on that though!


Rage is like the inverse of mana. Mana will recharge to 100% out of combat while rage will fall off to 0% out of combat. From what I’ve seen rage is simply calculated as damage is done / received. So let’s say you do 5 damage, you gain 5 rage. You take 2 damage you gain 2 rage. And as far as rage fall-off, it isn’t triggered by being out of combat but whether you’ve gained rage recently. So lets say you stun an enemy for 5 seconds and don’t use a damaging ability during that time you’ll start to lose rage even though you’re technically still in combat. Mana works in a similar way but in reverse. Mana will only regenerate if you haven’t spent mana recently and you don’t gain mana from taking / doing damage. I think “recently” for rage and mana means about 4-5 seconds.

For trainers, I believe they can train all abilities at all levels no matter which level zone they’re in, as long as the player is high enough level to gain a new ability. So if a level 8 player went back to a level 1 zone to train, he could train all the abilities he’s able to learn. But I always put 1 trainer for each class in each zone so that the players don’t have to travel cross zones to gain new abilities. I believe they also will complain if they level up and the zone they’re in doesn’t have a trainer for them to learn a newly unlocked ability.

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