Question about subscribers

Been playing a few hours now and trying to figure out exactly how the ai ticks currently. If the ai wants loot or advancement will they go and try and kill monsters on their own or will they only get that need up if I give them a quest to do so?

@j0hn21792 The AI subscribers do go and fight monsters on their own, if that’s their only option to gain levels, but they much, much prefer to have a quest that tells them to do it because they know that completing a quest will give them extra rewards for defeating the same number of monsters.

So… if you don’t give them quests, they’ll still go and kill monsters on their own. (When you select someone who’s doing this, their current activity will show up as “Grinding”, rather than “Doing quest”)

Activities which lead to gaining a level will help fulfill the “advancement” need. Principally, that’s killing monsters and doing quests.

The “get loot” need is a need to get new stuff, and there are lots more things which fulfill it. Killing monsters and doing quests do, as they provide “loot” (generic useless-but-saleable objects. “Vendor trash”, if you will.) Going to a shop and selling that “loot” also fulfills the “get loot” need (since the player is getting gold for it). Spending that gold to buy a new weapon also fulfills the “get loot” need (since the player is getting other stuff for the gold). Potion shops are coming soon, and will also have that same effect.

Spending gold on services (if you put a price on respawning or on setting an inn as a home or etc) do not provide “get loot” value, since the player isn’t getting new objects.

Alright thanks for the clarification!