Quest Levels Not Properly Registering With Quest Givers?

Hello all,

I’d like to confirm this issue and make sure I’m not in the wrong anywhere.

My quest givers consistently display the wrong level of quests they are offering. Example: When I click a quest giver who offers three level 3 quests, the blue info box appears and displays the following:
“Sir Idayd”
“Level 11 Guard Quest Giver”
“Has 3 level 1 quests”

Now this is incorrect because he is only offering level 3 quests and it is seemingly impacting level 3 subscribers from being willing to accept these quests as they are registering as level 1 instead.

Deleting/remaking the quests and deleting/replacing the quests giver do not resolve the issue.

Is this a known issue and are there any workarounds?

Thanks all! Incredible Game!

Thanks for reporting the issue, @Darkranger67 ! It’s a real bug, and there is no workaround right now (but I’ll have a fix for it up on the test build tomorrow! The only workaround right now would be to not use multi-level regions, which sort of sucks. Proper fix will be in tomorrow, though!)

At first I thought it was just a display bug affecting the Info window, but you’re completely right; it’s affecting AI as well!

Bug diagnosis: It used to be that “quest level” was a value I stored on the quest-giver NPCs, and that one value affected all of their quests. But with the change to support multi-level regions, the level of a quest got moved onto the quest itself, since a single NPC could now give quests of several different levels.

What’s happened is that I seem to have forgotten to remove the quest level from the NPC, so NPCs still have a “quest level” value which is equal to the minimum level of the region they’re in. And players are still considering whether they’ve outlevelled a quest-giver based upon whether their own level is higher than the NPC’s “quest level”. So once a player is past the lowest level of the region, they’ll ignore any quest givers in the region from then onward (although they’ll continue to do higher level quests that they picked up earlier)

I’ll fix this up for tomorrow and will post over in the “What’s new” topic once the build is live with a fix!

And there’s a fix for this in build 0.17.174, now live on the ‘test’ branch!

Thanks again for reporting it; it was something I had overlooked in the case of quest-giving NPCs in multi-level regions, as I was adding multi-level region support to the game. It all seems to be working properly for me now, though!