Quest improvments

Greetings! I am loving the game first off. One thing I wanted to have an ask for is quest improvements. Having quest chains and not just from the same quest giver and also prereqs. It is very common in MMO’s today to have to follow a line of quest and have level reqs.

I believe as the dev has said before, the npcs will give the quests in order of top to bottom on the quest list, which makes a quest chain.

That’s how the quest objectives are generated, at least. All of an NPC’s quests except the last one will say “do X and return to me”, while the final quest listed will simply say “do X”.

It would be nice if there was a checkbox or something to toggle this behavior, as it would make it easier to direct players to other zones. Or at least make it more obvious that this is how quest chains work, so that players can plan each zone’s quests with that in mind.

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