Pvp zone start up

My first instance of the game crashed after 4 hours and for some reason none of the auto saves worked so it was just deleted and when I went back in I would have to start from scratch.(This was on a combat set up)

I then created a new game on PvP and created the initial set up with 2 zones and quests ready to go but the starting point is not accessible. The block next to the graveyard were it should be is not able to be used. I did not go through the tutorial for this start up like I did the other.

Is either of these two issues bugs or am I missing something simple?

I did the tutorial for PVP focused game, and it doesn’t say anything about how to enable it or how-to-deal with this. I assume that the tutorial is always same, and it does not matter what type of game you pick at the start.

I was thinking more like zone (like the one you draw for NPC’s) to disable or enable the PVP.

The way I deal with graveyard massacres is that I add few guards to next to the graveyard. Lost players should go talk to them and start to do something else. Another way to deal with it to add cost to respawn. That way players ALWAYS walk to the corpse. Even when the cost is 1, players usually just walk.