Pushing toward Milestone 15

I’m currently pushing toward the Milestone 15 build! There will likely be a couple of builds between now and then, just to iron out the kinks, but we’re getting really close.

Some fun stuff: I’ve found the cause of the big frame rate stutter which occurred at the start of the game loading sequence on Windows; that fix will be coming in the next build.

Unrelated to that, I’ve built a little tool which can convert my mostly-text-format data files into binary-format data files, which can then be loaded somewhat faster. I’m not sure whether to actually go to the bother of converting most of the game’s data files, though; it’s kind of a big job and wouldn’t make things run too much faster in general, and does make the game harder to mod. But the tool does make it possible to convert the newer binary save games back into text format, so you can see what’s in them (and optionally cheat yourself into extra money, or whatever. :wink: )

New in the next build will be “Elite Monsters”. Elite Monsters are like regular monsters, but bigger and tougher. Think ‘Hogger’ from World of Warcraft. Also “Guards”, a new type of NPC which will fight against nearby monsters. (So if you have a town near a monster zone, you can place Guards there to keep the monsters away). Also, a couple new griefing behaviours. Currently, I’m working on implementing “training”; players intentionally getting aggro on monsters (especially elite monsters), and getting the mosters to chase them into towns, to cause havoc amongst other players.

Also, all the monsters now (by default) have customised attacks which make more sense for them; no more crocodiles shooting fireballs at your players! (Again, that’s just by default; you can totes have fireball-throwing crocodiles if you want them!). Similarly, player classes have more sensible customised attacks and statistics (by default. paladins now have more health than mages, for example).


Sounds good. Having monsters chasing users sounds like it may create some interesting issues. look forward to testing it out.

Interesting type of griefer could also be players who occasionally would try to group together to flood a region with more users than it would normally have to handle. Really like the monsters chasing users idea

Will have new ''normal " monsters models?

There will eventually be lots more character models, but that’s not the current focus. I’m hoping to have more character models for MS16; MS15 will have the same set from MS14.

Edit: To be more specific, right now there are about ten character “costumes” which contain interchangeable pieces that can be mixed and matched to form class models. For release, my goal is to have about 60 full “costumes”, which can be mixed and matched. I also want them to be able to be recolored, but I haven’t really figured out a nice system for doing that, yet.

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Is there plans to have the ability to add extra monsters so we can create more monster types? Also maybe extra classes

That’s a reasonable question!

The original design was that you’d start with just about two character classes and two monster types, and could purchase more from there, but that hasn’t been implemented yet. I’ve had suggestions that one might have a different set of monsters in each region, rather than just one set for the whole MMORPG. That would be pretty easy to do, too. I just worry that giving too many monsters/classes/etc to customise would end up feeling like a lot of fiddly make-work for people editing their worlds.

I’m definitely open to people’s opinions on the topic!

Could always make it an optional thing, like with quest givers. So the people who want to go stupid into detail can do so and the people who just want some random monsters can also do that. Having custom options are always good as you don’t alienate some of your player base