Proposal for an improvement of the quest suite

I just bought and played the game, and during my first creation, I realized that an NPC can certainly give quests one by one, but I’m not sure it’s possible to prevent a recovery of quest before another one is carried out, I explain myself by an example:

-Roger welcomes me in the game, he sends me to help Steve.
-Steve asks me to kill 7 bears.
-Steve thanks me and sends me back to Roger
-Roger can now give me a new quest and send me to Dylan because I fulfilled the condition, the last quest done well (i.e.: Steve thanks me and sends me back to Roger)

I don’t know if it’s very clear but I think the idea is interesting, to fulfill prerequisites to unlock new quests, kill an elite monster, have a certain lvl, complete a specific quest from another pnj, visit a place, etc. :slight_smile:

(translated by google translate)

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While prerequisites can be useful for preventing users from getting too far ahead, in MMORPGs users tend to do unexpected things. The key is to give them a story if they want it or encourage them to make their own fun time using the props you’ve provided if they want that instead.

Of course, he should have a choice if they don’t want to make history, but allow some to follow a story, and bring with the loot system in the future, bonus rewards for those who make history .

Allow everyone to kill a boss, world boss or dungeon boss, but whoever makes history of it all, will get an additional reward.