prices below 1$ at flightpath

Hey there,
(status: 27. 06. 2022)

i cant set a price for my flight path below 1$ real money. this is way to expensive for my players, so i would like to reduce it, but i cant.

my computer uses german notation of comma [ , ] but neigther that nor [ . ] wont work.

is this an issue in general or is this a problem with localisation?

I’ve messed around with the prices and I think $1 is the lowest you can go

I generally don’t see the amount of real money as ‘real’, If your players are not paying for it, you need to make it more attractive for them to use the flightpath. I usually put content at both ends the players want to use and a few quests that are easier to accomplish using he flightpaths.

i dont know the inner workings of our NPC players and why they think that the price is in one case good and well an in an other case to expensive. my point is just that i would love more abilities to fine-tune stuff.

an other example where i did not understand whats going on was when i added a fee in just one single spawpoint to reduce the amount of players to spawn there. easypeasy.
i started with 5€.
no effect. 10€ … no effect.
ok. lets bring it on! 100€! ha. this will show them.
na … it didnt. even more players spawned there.

in other words … i dont know if the AI is incredible strong or absolute batshit stupid. but the thing is: its not relevant … if they say its to expensive, i just want to dial down the price in increments smaller than 1 :wink: