Possible player pathing issue?

Is the pathing for players strange for anyone else? I’m finding my players are avoiding the level 1 zone and flying to the lv3 zone and then running to the lv5 zone at lv1 and then sitting in the town dueling and not progressing at all. I’ve tried to make the flight paths cost more to force players to stay a little longer however they still just get the gold fly off and end up in the 3rd zone. They don’t even quest in the second zone at all they immediately leave town and move on.

Also; The pvp dueling feature really negatively effects your games progression. I find about 90% of my players duel each other in town for 100% of their in game time and then just logout and do the same. I’ve tried turning the feature off but then the online players drops about 2k players from 4.5k > 2.5-2.7k. My game mode is also story which is odd that my player base duels and leaves instead of doing any sort of questing lol :slight_smile:

Can you confirm what version of the game you’re running, @Shrikemoon ? There was a bug in earlier builds of the game which led to players progressing into higher-level regions and then not returning to low-level regions , but that was fixed in build 0.17.32. (Current Steam build is 0.17.38)

Maybe double-check to verify that you’re running the latest build?

@trevor Thanks for the reply Trevor! I’m currently running on build 0.17.31 ; I’m going to update it now! Thanks so much for the update :smiley: I’m enjoying it so much! :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting! :smiley: