Possible Item rework

So I have been thinking a lot about what could possibly be a new Item system (because the current is basically non existent) and I have some points:

  1. Class Items:
    Basically the title. Items could be given a restriction that only one or more classes can use it.

  2. Different Item Types:
    What every MMO has is different armour parts u can equip, like a helmet, body armour, cape, boots etc. and different weapons like daggers, wands, swords… (The weapons could even be shown in the character model like they can be seen now)
    It would be good if it was here also here.

  3. Monster Drops:
    In every MMO a monster drops loot which you can take. It would be cool if you could make the monsters drop loot and give every item a drop chance, price, and how much of it the monster drops (if that makes sense?). And we could even make use of the new icons and add icons to the items.

  4. Item Stats:
    I think this is the hardest to implement without breaking the current stat system, because in the current stat system you have only health, mana, rage and speed and I think thats not enough for items. Sure body armour adds health and a blue necklace adds mana, but how would you add damage? or damage resist? there could maybe even be evasion etc.

So thats my proposed item change. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Would you add or delete a point?
I am no game developer so maybe I proposed too much.

(and sorry for my english, not a native speaker :D)

Have a great day.

While items that aren’t for quests are a cool idea, at the same time, it would probably make the game laggier since you have hundreds of subscribers all wearing different gear that the game has to handle.

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Ive given a similiar suggestion to include items and loot tables. But to simplify the item stats my idea was for weapons to give the user an active spell. and the armor gives the user a single passive spell. The spell would follow the same spell formulas and the user were limited to a weapon and a piece of armor.

Although having more armor slots is better, i think it might cause some lag issues.


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