Positive buzz and negative buzz

Well,its not a bug,it probaly were intetional,but this system of positive buzz and negative buzz is kind of… bad
its so strange ,_, like… everyone likes you game,but also everyone hates you game
please make this better

Positive and negative buzz aren’t opposites. They’re measuring how much praise and criticism there is about the game online. They absolutely don’t indicate “everyone likes your game” or “everyone hates your game”; rather they indicate “here’s how vocal people who like your game are being” and “here’s how vocal people who dislike your game are being”.

This clearly (like virtually all of the game) needs a better tutorial. I’ll add it to the list.

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But as long as I’m here, I should say a few more words about positive and negative buzz, and how they work.

Each player has two particularly-important statistics: “Satisfaction” (currently incorrectly labelled as “Happiness” in the player info window), and “Addiction”. Both these values currently range from -10 to +5.

Satisfaction goes up when good things happen (win a fight, have a good social experience, complete a quest, buy something valuable at a really good price, etc), and down when bad things happen (lose a fight, get affected by a bug, get banned, etc).

Addiction goes up and down based on certain sets of conditions. If good and bad things are both happening to the player for a long stretch of time, and the player’s satisfaction level is still positive, then addiction slowly goes up. If only good things or only bad things are occurring, then their addiction level slowly goes down.

When a player logs off, they might make a post online talking about your game (this is more likely as they become more addicted, and much more likely if they’re really unhappy with the game). Note that the further their satisfaction level is from zero, the more likely they are to make a post. If they do post, they’ll write a positive post if their satisfaction level is positive, or a negative one if their satisfaction level is negative.

Positive and negative buzz actually have no maximum value. The /10 thing visible in the UI was just so I could put them into a health bar-like UI widget. Obviously that’s not appropriate, and I really ought to change it. Inside the game simulation, buzz values do commonly go much higher than 10. (I have absolutely no idea why I even chose ‘10’ as the maximum displayable value when I was first laying out the UI; 1000 would have been a much more sensible maximum value… though there’s nothing which caps the value even at 1000. If you have enough happy/upset people, there really is no limit these values could reach) Right now, there’s code doing special things for buzz values up to 300.

Regardless, each new day, both positive and negative buzz lose 25% of their value from the previous day, as old posts become less important.

In terms of its effect on the game, buzz works basically like advertising campaigns will (but for free); it increases the number of new players who join your game.

Unlike advertising campaigns (which are basically static boosts for a period of time), the quantity of buzz changes the magnitude of the effect. More positive buzz yields more new players. Negative buzz also yields more new players, but at a lower rate. (And currently, the ratio of positive to negative buzz affects this too; if you have lots of negative buzz and little positive buzz, the negative buzz doesn’t earn you much. But if you have lots of positive buzz and only a little negative buzz, the negative buzz you have counts basically like just more positive buzz. That is, having a percentage of negative comments actually helps your game’s exposure more than it drives people away.)

That’s how it works right now. I’m going to be going through and revamping this whole section of code once I get to advertising campaigns, which is a bit further down in the MS14 feature list. As I’ve been going over the code again while writing this post, I’ve spotted a couple little bugs and things that I’d like to do differently, so don’t be surprised if things change a bit, when the ability to start ad campaigns for your game comes in. :slight_smile:

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