[Poll] 10 ideias

Welp,i am making other ideas post,now with a Poll :smiley: YAAYYY
if you want that all ideas go into the game,say in the poll and the poll is at the end
sorry for any ideas that are already made
(trying a faster way to mewse see my poll :P)
Ok Let’sa go

1st Ideia:MMO Website
its like…
you can design and make your own mmo website,what this do?
in the start this will just give more players,not a lot BUUUT…
If you do a good design and your MMO is good
this thing gonna give you more players

2-MMO Launcher
its like the website,you can design it,but what it does?
this remove 50% of bugs and you can make upgrades using the launcher
the tech tree,to reach one point its needed the Launcher

3-Special Classes
i think this is already in the game or i already said but in gonna say again
special classes are the
OP Classes
these classes need to be unlocked…OOOOR BUYED
If its unlocked,achievers will come to you game
if its buyed,Killers will come to you game and you will get the money

4-Rivals and Principal rivals
in the middle of the game some rivals gonna appear,probaly this is already here,but what about principal rivals?
principal rivals are like the rivals but…HARDER
its like that,the principal rivals come when your MMO is very good,its like:Kryptonite
the objective of the principal rival is to add challenge to the game,so:you need to be better than this rival,or else your players gonna exit of the game and go to the rivals
but what if you don’t care about the rivals?
you can disable it or…
the rival will come
and he will KILL YOUR GAME
yep,he will stole all your player

5-Special Developers
if you defeat a rival,or in lucky you find one of theses in the market,your game will be good
special developers they give a bonus to your game,for example
Ex Blizzard WOW Developer:+50% of Killers and Achiever
Master of Roleplay Developer:+75% of Socialists
if you go in the defeat a rival way,you can recruit it by going into rivals srceen,clicking in the rival and click in the button:Hire Developer

6-Story Mode
The Story Mode have focus in making the best MMO ever (’-’)
but with quests,if you complete all the quests and defeat all the rivals…you get intro the final,that you will compete agains World Of Warcraft

7-Dev Forums
you can make a post in a Dev Forum,if you convince the players (probaly u will not because ur ar just a lazy person that is readying this and will use cheats to win everything) u will get more players

8-"Dev Messages"
u can talk in the chat,but with pre defined messages like:
(Player) Stop using cheats or else i will ban you

Welcome (Player)

or other things
its a very horrible idea i guess

u will need to deal with flood or spam
some persons will start annoying others by saying the same thing,again,and agian,and again
and some persons will say…
“hey come to World of Warcraft,best MMO Ever”

10-Deal With Piracy
well,some persons will make privates servers of your game,AND THEY WILL STOLE YOUR PLAYERS AND GET DEH MONEYS

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