Playing your own game, or others

One of the problems I face when playing MT2 is I make a zone, but then I get burnt out bc I can’t really enjoy the zone. Would it be possible to add some sort of function where you can play in your game? I don’t know what kind of technology this would need, but maybe it could be like when you take control of a subscriber, or an npc, but instead you make a character you can play with?

On a side note maybe you could add a feature where you can post your game in some sort of a marketplace for other people to play? Then you could charge money for people to play your game once it’s successful enough, and a cut of the money would go to the MT2 team.

Anywho this would be a pretty awesome feature, and could potentially draw some Roblox players, bc speaking from experience there are little to no good mmos on Roblox lol.

So tldr: It would be awesome to be able to play player made mmos in mt2