Players wont go/Aren't able to go to new zone

Issue: Players wont go/Aren’t able to go to new zone
Crash (y/n): No
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows
Description: I dont know what they are doing they just stop walking at that 1 point and either unsub, walk back or start socialising.
i’ve tried replacing the path running through the new zone. and i’ve tried killing all the people to see if everyone was just socialising then getting mad and unsubbbing, but that didn’t work either.

Thing to check first:

Are these players of an appropriate level to actually do things in the new region? Right now, players don’t know what level neighboring regions are set up for until they’ve actually visited them, so it’s not uncommon at all to have (for example) level 1 players wander into a neighboring region, discover that it’s a level 2 region, and then go back home again. (Or often, hang around at the entrance for a little while first, hoping to find somebody to talk to, rather than make the long walk back right away)

Are players able to see something nearby in the new region that they might like to do? Players can only see a certain distance, which means they can often feel pretty lost, once they arrive in a new region. It’s often helpful to put a quest-giver close inside a new region, with a quest to send them to wherever you want them to go. Or alternately, place a Landmark building where you want them to go; players can see landmarks from any distance away.

If neither of these address the problem, I’d be interested to see your save game, so I can debug into the problem further!

I believe it was both the things you mentioned i had a lvl 1-2 region going into a lvl 3 region and with no nearby buildings at the start of the zone. i did notice that there where alot of lvl 1 players with 0 XP. so they skipped all the quests, (of which there are 4) and went straight to the new zone.
now i have a landmark in the new city and that seems to be enough to attract the lvl 3 players altough they tend to log out when they get to the new city.

Logging out once they get to the new city might just be due to travel time; folks have particular hours they try to play within, and travelling to a new region takes a lot of time.

All of this needs to be communicated a lot better! And AI probably has too much desire to go check out neighboring regions. They probably should usually want to finish up the region they’re in, first.

had a similar issue in my game. New subscribers have started to ignore all the starting quests i set, head to the new region and then get annoyed cause there isn’t anything there for them and then walk back and unsub. Think the pull for new players to explore overleveled areas needs toning down a little


Subscribers explore other regions when they want to see exciting scenery. (If you check the ‘stats’ tab in their Info Window, you’ll likely see that those travelling subscribers have low ‘scenery’ values, which means that they’d really like to see more things!)

The best thing you can do would probably be to place a landmark or two, somewhere in your region; landmarks serve to restore people’s ‘scenery’ statistic. (Also, because people tend to congregate around them, they often also end up serving as a social hub) I usually put landmarks in a main village within each region, in part to fulfill people’s scenery and social needs, but also so that people can find the villages easily; unlike all other building types, landmarks can be seen from anywhere within the region they’re in.

The only reason why players (who haven’t outleveled the region) will leave the region they’re in is if they’re going in search of new scenery. Landmarks promise greater scenery rewards than unknown regions, and are usually closer. So… that’s my first suggestion; drop a landmark or two in your starting region, perhaps right near the starting area, or at least nearer than the exit to the other region, so your scenery-starved players don’t start thinking of that other region as being more convenient to visit! :slight_smile:

Thing is that I have tonnes of scenery in my starting area aswell as 2 landmarks. Every user loves the city and the area they head to is a forest region with just trees and a single landmark, it seems kinda strange they would go so far out of their way. I’ll try adding even more scenery to try and keep their attention in the first area :slight_smile:

Users can’t see what’s in the other region until they get there. :slight_smile:

The scenery system’s connection to the core simulation is actually pretty new; it doesn’t affect things as much as it ought to, yet. Definitely adding more scenery items won’t currently make a big difference to people’s ‘scenery’ needs. Right now, it’s mostly just Landmark objects that affect that.

(Although I believe that scenery objects specifically around landmark objects make a difference, via their contribution to the landmark object’s “Beauty” rating. I’d have to double-check that to be sure, but I think that has a small effect already.)

Edit: Technical points; in the current build, players think that visiting a new region they’ve never seen before will give them 30 points of scenery. They think that visiting a landmark will give them 40 points of scenery. So as long as the landmark is closer than the other region, they ought to generally prefer to visit the landmark, rather than the other region. Note that the decision between the two destinations is performed before pathfinding; it’s only considering straight-line distance, to determine the estimated travel time to each destination. If that’s not working, it’s likely a bug, and I’d be interested to investigate! :slight_smile:

Tried moving a landmark to the border of the starting area and that stops them from wanting to Go to the new area so I think all that is working as intended, can continue to investigate. Side note just had a crash again that I’m submitting and I’m really hoping it’s not the same bit of code again :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re going to make me cry; it’s exactly the same bit of code again!

I’m really sorry, I’m not trying to cause you a mental breakdown xD I think it’s related to the fast forward

But wait! The crash report says it was running in build 0.14.4, but the fix didn’t go in until 0.14.5.

The Steam client is just giving me build 0.14.4, even though the back-end says that it should be giving me 0.14.5. Not sure what’s going on. Investigating…

Hmm yeah says it’s up to date but main menu has build 14.4

Yeah, this is definitely an old build still being offered on Steam. I’ve tried changing which build it gives people, but it’s not changing for me. Maybe something’s slightly broken on Steam’s back-end at the moment? Not sure. Maybe it’ll all come good in a few hours?

EDIT: Ah, yeah. Steam’s Steamworks developer support forum is exploding about this issue at the moment. It’s just something broken on their back-end, affecting lots of stuff (or possibly everything) on Steam right now, keeping them from updating builds.

I assume they’ll sort it out soon and everything will go back to normal.