players won't cross oceans, but try

Issue: (quick one-line precis of what happened)
Players (subscribers) get stuck at the edge of an ocean region when travelling to a quest in a region with flight paths but no land bridge.
Crash (y/n): (did the game crash?)
No, the players (subscribers) doing this simply stop moving/functioning (they break).
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): (what sort of computer were you playing on?)
Description: (more detailed description of what happened, if you need more space. If whatever happened happens repeatably, please let me know!)
Playing with Flight Paths on, it’s possible to set a flight path to a location across an ocean region (but not possible to -move- over an ocean region). Likewise with quests. However, players (subscribers) trying to move to the location across the ocean region (with no land bridge) get stuck at the edge of the region they’re in and stop functioning (they break). Would like to actually be able to have islands if possible.


Yeah; the issue right now is that players who aren’t in an active region aren’t being updated by the background simulation, so they just get stuck. I’m pretty sure we don’t even test for cursor clicks on them!

I definitely need to fix this very soon!