Players Stuck in road

Issue: players get stuck in a dip of a road
Crash (y/n): n
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): windows
While playing I noticed that players were getting stuck in a dip in the road one of the nodes. I went in for a closer look and they are marching on the spot and sometimes look like they are jumping. Once they are in the dip they dont seem able to get out.

Pics show the problem.

Some players are getting around the issue but those that fall in to this particular space dont seem to be able to work there way out.

Maybe they need a !stuck command or roads smooth terrain a little when placed like buildings seem to.

I cleared the place by using the kill tool. then watched and noticed that people using the roads normally were fine passing through. However as the picture shows anyone passing in the direction of the arrow from off the road get stuck.

its actually happening alot and always on intersections.

This presumably is a bug in the “cut corners while passing through an intersection” change that was part of this build; somehow players are often getting stuck when they’re not entering the intersection via a road, I guess? I’ll look into it!

I have a fix; updated build is coming in perhaps twenty minutes.

It was happening when people were walking through an intersection and toward the road on the far side of the intersection, and it could happen regardless of whether or not the player had been on a road when entering the intersection.

There was some really dodgy logic around steering behaviours while walking along a road, which has now been cleaned up rather a lot; shouldn’t have this problem again.

I do still occasionally see someone take a very strange path through a corner, as they move from one lateral offset to another, but that’s pretty rare, and doesn’t actually cause any problems apart from looking like they’ve taken a weird minor detour.