Players seem to be stuck near a regions entrance/pass

Issue: Player pathing seems to be iffy in my new region
Crash (n):
Platform (Windows):
Version number: (0.17.251)
Description: Players seem to be confused about quest locations. In a new region i made they go to the end of the mountain path and get confused… ask the guards for directions go back and then seem to ask another guard on the other side of the entrance for directions and go back over again in a loop. I checked what they were doing and it seems to be for completely unrelated quests to the road they are traveling. It is also strange that this only happened when i added my second level 1 region… i made two level 2 regions and those are working fine

i have done a bit more testing since then… its still an issue but i was a bit confused by the “new area rush”. it doesent seem to be the guards fault (ill raise their virtual pay). the players seem to be traveling there… reaching the end of the pass. going back and then… “bouncing?” off of the pass on the way back.
not sure if quests are related, tried adding a landmark to see if it would help but no luck so far.

Heres the area thats the issue… that quest the selected player is doing is nowhere near this area… not even in the zone, i remember mention of quest issues being fixed in the test version… but this is the steam test version im running. (unless theres a super secret one im not aware of) … honestly ive typed too much allready it would probably be best if i just sent the save in! (as long as you want it of course)

Ive tried a few other things and they wont stop doing this so it doesent look like i can fix it without moving the pass… infact let me try doing just that…

edit: nope it didnt help had the exact same issue