Players Hilariously glitch bird mounts into the game (Bird Bug)

Issue: Players somehow manage to obtain their very own bird mounts, Hilariously flying around the paths
Crash (y/n): no
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows
Version number: 0.17.205-g6483053
Description: After reaching pass 10,500 Subscribers mark and have a consistent 580 players online, I started to see a player or two on the bird outside the flight point path. these players were able to move around after a bit of time, but were unable to attack, or get attacked by enemies (Invincibility Exploits idea?). The bug seems to happen outside the camera, at high game speed and often found starting close to the end of the flight point. It is worse when I move the camera position a larger distances away form the flight point. The bug is fixed when the game is reloaded when the game decided that the mounts don’t exist anymore. It does repeat easily with the conditions described above. It is funny to watch though.

I’ve seen that before in older builds of the game, but thought I’d stomped it out!

I’m checking it out and definitely keeping my eyes open for it!