Players hard reset

Hey there,

I’ve been wondering about something :

What happens with the pre-existing players when we fully rework a class ? I mean, like beeing given the treant early, adding skills for that said treant for a couple of levels, but completely scraping off later on for, say a devilish chef.

IMO, it would make quite a lot of sense to have to option to force a lv1-reset of a specific class or of all classes to check how the newly designed classes perform on all stages of the game. I know that would not be applicable to a real playerbase but come on, it’s A.I.


Right now, everybody just instantly updates with the changes.

Adding the ability to force a reset-to-level-1 or giving out respec tokens is an idea I’ve had for a while, but it’s not in the game right now. (note that your players will definitely not appreciate being reset to level 1! In theory you could do that individually right now, if you went around and selected each player one at a time and adjusted their level; the bit that doesn’t exist is a tool to automatically do it to everybody all at once!)

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