Players do not leave the town?


First of all i just found this gem of a game yesterday and i fall in love with it. I’m a big fan of MMORPGs since the 90th and to think that i’m able to do “my own” MMORPG is just amazing!

So to my “problem”. Of course i started with the tutorial and everything worked fine. But as always in Tycoon games i wanted to start a new game after learning the basics. So i started a new game and made a really nice town. Implemented many quests and mobzones.

But the subscribers won’t do the quests and never leave town. They just stay in town and socialize and after some time start to unsubscribe, because it’s to crowded. I tried everything! I made a second starting zone, set landmarks all over the zone and even put players by hand in front of enemys. But they always keep going back to town. I even started another new game, but had the same problem. Even changing the games theme from roleplay to combat did nothing.

So what am i missing? Or is that a bug?


After testing with one of my games a bit i managed that my players leave town in the second zone (level 2), but just for the first mobzone.

But there was this weird behavior. I had two roads going above and under the mobzone and a mountain behind it. And the players would go the upper road a bit and then went behind the mountain just to climb the mountain and leave it on the other side to the mobzone.

Seems like the pathfinder is bugged? Maybe thats why they would not leave town at all. Maybe something kinda blocks them to go if you build to much or maybe it is a terrain issue?

And after i created some more zones i realised that a handful of players would go do quests in the zones. But just like 5% of all players would do that.

So I have maybe an answer to that.

That problem did not happened to me for a bit of time until I got to 4k subs.

I’ve tested a really basic config : a town, a mob zone and a quest giver, then I did the same for two others countries for lvl 2 and 3.

What happends is that out of my 4k subs, 1k were lvl 2 and 100 were lvl 3.
I did, however noticed that a swarm of people was in my first town.
My mob zone was crushed under a stampede of players, but I did not fix it because I wanted to see what will happend next.

And I found why… Each region or country or whatever has a limit to players online of 800 base + 400 per server in it.
So If a player wants to go to the next zone, they need to connect first, then they do their things but it takes a lot of time (socialaze and stuff)
It just takes a lot of time for players to go to another country, so that’s why.

I’m gonna try 2 lvl 1 countries. This could work.

I’m running into this same problem, players just sit in town and duel or they path to the highest zone they can reach easily and then get stuck because they are too low level and don’t go backwards. I’ve started with 3 level 1 zones and 2 starting points on opposite sides of each region and flight paths leaving from 2 of them to higher zones. For some reason they immediately run out of the zone to the highest one and then get stuck because they are too low :stuck_out_tongue: It’s quite amusing to see level 1s trying to use flight path in level 5 zone to go to level 6 xD.

Sounds like you’re running an old build of the game! That AI behaviour was fixed in build 0.17.32; current build up on Steam is 0.17.38. The subscribers should sort themselves out in the current build of the game! :slight_smile:

Yep that was the problem. Played the game first time at my brothers house and he did not update the game for awhile. Got it myself yesterday and it just works fine.

Of course there is plenty of stuff to do for you, but i believe you will do your best and make this game even better!