Players die a lot when zoomed out

Issue: Players die a lot when zoomed out, but don’t die at all when zoomed in.
Crash (y/n): No
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows 11
Version number: 0.19.48-g6b72485_win64
Description: I was having trouble balancing my game as I was getting lots of death messages. I tried making the classes stronger and the enemies weaker but it never really changed much. However I noticed that when I was zoomed in close to one of the areas with enemies there were almost no death messages. But as soon as I zoomed out to the point that I can see all my regions on the screen the death messages started appearing a lot. I’m not sure if I’m just not understanding something about the game or the balance I’ve setup but this seems like something is wrong. I also tried increasing and decreasing the speed of the game but that seemed to have no effect. I can also upload my save file if needed, but not sure how to do so on this forum.

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