Players Complaining About Dying when Voluntarily Participating in PvP

Issue: A la title, I enabled the PvP duel feature for players, and found that they were complaining about dying in social areas without enemies, due to pvp
Crash (y/n): n
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Win10
Version number: 0.18.10-g2c3dea4_win64
Description: My game was going pretty well, and I was running all the advertising options as well as having some good growth from content creator bonuses. I unlocked PvP as a feature and enabled it, and shortly after, a massive influx of reports complaining about dying too much exploded in the thousands. I went to see the hotspots of these complaints, and they were generally all in social areas, the starting point, and areas clear of enemy mobs. Zooming in, I could see all the players dueling each other.
I’m not sure if this constitutes as a bug I guess, but since the players are voluntarily choosing to do these PvP duels, I think they should not be able to complain about dying in those circumstances. It was happening so much that I had to disable PvP because it was effecting my buzz/happiness heavily.

Sounds like a class balance issue, if I had to guess… which classes were complaining the most? Might have been hard to tell with hundreds of reports all at once, but most likely it was some specific subset of classes that was getting chewed up by the others (or one OP class was wrecking everyone else).

Players will want to engage in PVP because they like the play style - it is up to you to make that fun and balanced. Balance is the primary goal (and hardest thing to achieve) in any real MMORPG so it only makes sense that it would be the primary goal of this game. Play with your class stats and abilities until they are balanced for good PVP. Maybe make a backup of your game then experiment with the classes - make them all identical just as a test and see if it resolves the PVP deaths issue.