Players are walking in circles

So far I have 2 places in my game where players are walking around in circles
I tried manually pick them up and move somewhere else, half of them will move on and do stuff, another half will go back in the circle.
both places are where the mountain path ends and the regular road starts.
tried to add more roads around, they started using them but did not stop walking in circles
attached the picture

Hi Min! I’ve had a look at your save and I’m not seeing the behaviour you describe; I think it might be because I’ve already fixed the bug you’re seeing.

Can you swap over to run the “test” build on Steam instead of the “default” build, and confirm whether the problem goes away for you as well? (Right-click on the game in Steam, choose ‘Properties’, then ‘Betas’, and finally choose “test - absolute latest codebase” from the combo box, and then let Steam download the update)

We had a bug which caused players to pick up and then almost immediately forget about quests to kill elite monsters, and them repeatedly starting and failing those quests could sometimes lead to behaviour that looked like circling; I see that you’ve got quests to kill elite monsters, so I suspect this may have been the cause of the bad behavoiur you were seeing!

yep seems like the bug is gone. it must have been that.
thank you!