Players are staying in regions below their level

First I need to say that the game is really cool and that the devs did a very good job so far!

I currently have 5 regions activated for my players, going from level 1 to level 4 at the moment. The problem is that my players are staying in level one regions for the most part, like I’ve never seen more than 300 players in my level 2 region despite the fact that they are more than 3800 of level 2 players. My level 3 region has near 15 players at best and the level 4 is at best with 2 players in it.

I gave my players guards along the roads, quest givers that link with other NPCs in other regions and a clear path towards the next region, but it seems that they only want to fight a few monsters in a region that isn’t appriopriate, socialize a bit before disconnecting.

I don’t know what to do cause I have a lot of ideas of classes, monsters and regions, but if players don’t reach them it’s pretty sad…

(Sorry if there are mistakes, I am french and my english is not yet perfect!)

Hey, @ARJ376!

Can you submit the saved game so that I can take a look at what’s going on? You can do that using the “Submit file to devs” button on the “Backups” tab in the game’s desktop interface. Be sure to write something in the file description so that I know it’s from you; those file uploads are completely anonymous if people don’t put information in there to let me know what I should be looking at or who I should talk to!

(If you’ve already submitted the save, could you tell me the name of the MMORPG so that I can find the save from among the uploads?)

I’ll send it to you in a few minutes! Just consider that I ran time a bit since when I wrote the post, so there is a bit more players in each region but not as much as think it should!

Thanks, ARJ376!

Looking over the file I’m not sure I see anything going wrong; yes, you have about 400/2500 level two players logged in, but you have about 900 / 7000 level one players logged in.

That is, in the submitted save, you’ve got about 16% of your level 2 players logged into the level 2 region, and 13% of the level 1 players logged into one of the two level 1 regions.

You also have 22% (58/260) of your level 3 players logged into the level 3 region, and 25% (5/20) of your level 4 players logged into the level 4 region. That mostly seems to match what I’d expect to see; the players who are really enjoying the game or who are addicted to it are more likely to be logged in, and are also more likely to be higher level (since they’re playing more).

But even so, players only play for a certain number of hours per in-game day (click on a player to see their usual play hours), and they don’t play every day. But players with a higher ‘addiction’ level do play more often (which is probably why a higher percentage of high-level players are connected)

But with that said, I’m really glad you sent in this save, as it highlighted a slowdown in our save loading code which was causing our loading screen to last a lot longer than it ought to have! I’m updating our ‘Test’ build at the moment, which should make it heaps faster to load this saved game, or other saves which have big towns placed in them! That should be live on the ‘test’ build on Steam within about 30 minutes. :smiley:

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Thanks for letting me know! I played even more on the save file and it seems that players are slowly switching to the good region, guess I just needed to be more patient.

Glad that I could help with the loading problem!

I hoped they didn’t play every day! Since we can already see their typical play hours, it would be nice to also see their typical play days.

Right now 5 days = 1 month, and it might make more sense for 5 days to be one week. It would mean subscriptions come in 4x slower, but I haven’t had any issues with $ myself unless I spend crazily early on, and I always buy the 20k advertisement. The more realistic sense of time might help with the gameplay realism.