Player(s) stuck in Inn(s)

Issue: Players get stuck in Inns if residential is full or they don’t have gold.
Crash (y/n): No
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows
Description: I have set large inns to cost 20 gold and smaller 15 gold. However, players try to set a new home (without quest) when they do not have enough gold (usually they have 0 gold, with some loot to sell)

Even when you set cost to 0, players who are already inside are just stuck there.
This happen even when lowering the cost to 2-3 gold.

Solution: Make the player to CHECK if they can set a home. If they can’t afford it, sell items or start doing other missions.

same bug here, they try to set home in a full inn. i built 2 new next to it but they just standing in there and unsubscribe creating a lot of negative buzz

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