Player Money Issues

Will players stop playing when they run out of cash or will they get more money and start playing again? Seems like a lot of the early subs just stops logging in instead of unsubbing when they run out of cash to pay for the sub. I have this one playthrough now with a wierd 45k subs / 2k online balance (2k online since 25k), in other playthroughs I’ve had 10% ish of the subs online.

For a reference I have the sales at 65 and sub at 10, and most of the players have maxed out happiness.

This also results in a somewhat clogging in the first 5 zones (1 lvl per zone), so i had to make a seperate 1-5 area to split them up.

Players will continue playing for as long as they can afford to and are still enjoying the game (or are still addicted to it).

What you might be noticing is that players who are more addicted to the game tend to play it more often, while those who aren’t addicted play less often. (The neat side-effect of this is that if your players aren’t addicted but are happy, they’ll keep paying subscription fees but won’t be using up space in your regions or be demanding new content nearly as often as the addicted players do! If your income is mostly from subscription fees, then having non-addicted players is actually kind of ideal!)

In general, if you look at a player’s “addiction” statistic (when you select them it’ll be visible over on their “stats” tab), players will tend toward playing a number of days per month equal to their ‘addiction’ level (minimum 1). But those play schedules change slowly and randomly over time. But if you were to put the game on fast speed and nobody’s addiction level changed, then after a couple months you’d probably find that everyone with addiction level 3 was playing three days per month, for example.

(note that at the moment, the game simulation says there are just five days per month, so someone on maximum addiction (addiction level 5) would eventually be playing every day, if they maintained that addiction level long enough)

We definitely need to have more visibility into that, somehow! It’s totally not visible enough in-game right now to explain what’s going on.


That actually helps clear things up quite a bit, thank you!