Played for a while, here's my feedback

First off I really like your game. It’s excellent. As I reached max area level (20) I decided to give you some feedback on stuff that I feel is missing or things that annoyed me constantly. So in no particular order:

  1. When on the Network screen please remove the Forest/Mushroom. You can’t lay the network because the Forest is in the way. The ideal would be to leave stumps of the trees/mushrooms.

  2. The little notification of Players that are killed from PvP duels should pop-up as “Defeated” not “Dead”. Only Players killed by monsters should pop-up as Dead.

  3. The screens of levelling and quest rewards are weird. I know that make sense to you. But I never figured them out. A bar graph (just like the Level Overview) showing how many quests required to complete to level would be much easier to read. Allowing us to raise and lower the XP would be perfect.

  4. Kill Quests should include the XP from monster kills in their quest rewards. (Base Quest XP + Monster XP) = Total XP Gain

  5. Show how many Players are in a class with a Pie Chart.

  6. Flight Paths don’t work. I do see the odd Player using them, but they are not counted in the Flight Path Stats. A Did put Flight Paths in all my areas as I had so much money anyway. Just nobody used them :frowning:

  7. (This is a weird personal thing, it just made me sad it wasn’t in the game) When I made a town I wanted to define the town limits and name it. The Set Monster Zone tool would be great for this. NPC’s/shops would be attached to this town name. If you did this, then quests could be “Go to Meddowview and speak to Bob the Strong.” I have no idea how complex that would be to code, it would just make me happy.

  8. Add drops from monsters. This would require a Giff for the Drops and a name with a % chance for the drop from the particular monster. Now quests can be “Get me a Skin from the Dire Wolves”.

  9. On the Player “Stats” tab below the “Tags”, list the quests that Player has completed from the Area they are in.

  10. When players are on a kill quest, show how many kills they have done.

  11. I’ve seen some strange Player behaviour. Players return to the shop when they have killed 1 or 2 monsters to sell their loot. They only have 2 items in their bag! How big are their bags? As well as, in a new Zone, I’ve seen Players trying to Duel when they are the only Player in the Zone?

  12. This is the biggest gripe I have with the game. There is no Quest Manager. This drives me nuts. In later Areas when I had a bunch of Monster Zones, it was annoying to keep them all in check. I would like a new “Manager” tab in the toolbar, which has 4 columns. Across the top the NPC Name and down the side the Quest Type/Name. The second column the Monster that is required to kill and the third lists the Convince Stat/Xp gain and Lastly XP required to level. The the forth shows the the Area Map and that funky arrow from the NPC to the quest target. At the bottom list all orphaned Monster Spawns. You can’t have a spawn without a quest! It would be great if there could be a heat map that shows the popularity of the quests :wink:

  13. Performance really takes a hit when there are lots of Zones. The cursor does not respond very well any more, there is so much stuff going on I presume. That might be my laptop though.

Oh, with the latest patch my Adverts now run for over 302 days? I’m not complaining, I just don’t think you meant that.

I didn’t mean to write so much, but I really do like the game. I was sad when I couldn’t make Area 21.