Planned Updates

Hi! I just bought the game a few days back and I LOVE IT.
I’m curious though, is there any sort of a publicly available list of planned updates for the near future?
Some sort of a priority list?
I think it’d be nice to have something to look forward to :slight_smile:

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I need to set up a way to show that information somewhere! A roadmap that I can update as we progress. I’ve been spending so much time on dev and contracts (and this week, on accounting) that it keeps falling through the cracks… keep reminding me if we don’t have one in a couple of days; you’re absolutely right that it’s very important!


Any news on that roadmap? I’d like to offer suggestions on things game-wise, but i’d also not to suggest things not already in development.

I agree, I don’t want to bombard the board with suggestions for things that are already planned.


Hi where is the roadmap? Thank you @trevor :heart:

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