Placing Terrain Removes Buildings

Issue: When changing terrain type buildings get removed
Crash (y/n): n
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): windows 10
When changing the terrain, buildings apart from the graveyard and paths get removed.

I would have expected that the terrain either change and the buildings stay put or in cases where mountains or trees would be placed a warning message would pop up.

Mm. That was a design decision I made a long, long time ago; I don’t entirely recall why I decided to make it work that way. (Does it really not affect graveyards? That’s odd). Used to be that buildings would just be moved up or down as the ground moved, and then I changed it to do this.

Another thing that happens is that any subscribers in the area become stuck in the changed terrain, and require GM help to free themselves. (You can free them yourself, too, by clicking on each stuck user)

I’ll have a bit of a think about this. I agree that it’s a little mean for terrain editing to destroy buildings automatically and without any warning or confirmation.

I just wasnt expecting when changing the terrain from the sand type to the grass that it would affect the buildings on it. I can live with it being that way but a warning would be welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

Just bumping this again because I just wiped out my town :cry:

Oh no!

I’m totally going to change that for the MS14 build. Thanks for bumping!

Fixed in build 0.14.0.

Setting normal terrain types no longer destroys buildings or NPCs in the changed area.

Impassable terrain types (just mountains and chasms, right now) still destroy nearby buildings, NPCs, and paths. Since subscribers shouldn’t be able to reach them on impassable terrain anyhow.

We still need more indication of what will be destroyed, when placing impassable terrain. I’ve added that as a new task in the MS15 list.

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