Placing multiple scenery buildings

So played a few hours of the game and I might have missed something but an ability to place multiple set buildings one after another would be very handy. If not that then another option is to maybe have the menu stay open after placing one of them, like the way the plant/rock scenery is done

also to save making a new thread. Also found this strange behaviour

Players for some reason decide that they want to cross over the mountain to get into the new area rather than take the path. I’ve placed nothing in this new area so it’s not like they think it’s a shortcut to something or anything. Tried raising and lowering terrain but they are determined that they’re gonna cross the mountain. After getting to the new area they will then walk back across the path on the return trip instead of the mountain.

Thanks, @j0hn21792! I agree; the behaviour of the scenery buildings interface should be the same as the behaviour of the regular scenery interface. Adding that to the list!

Walking straight over mountain borders is definitely weird; I made a few little changes to path-following behaviours recently; I’ll check to see whether those changes have accidentally broken path-following-between-regions somehow.

It’s wierd cause they walk down the path to a certain point and then they take a sharp turn and decide that a stroll through the mountains would be lovely.

Tried putting quests and stuff to entice them away and also tried bringing the path in at different angles, none of which solved the issue. If you need any screenshots or videos of it just yell and I’ll try and get what you need

I’m going to try to duplicate it here. If that doesn’t work, I’ll pester you to email me your save file.

But right now, my bet is that I’ve broken path following in a subtle way, and they think they’re walking directly along the path when actually they’ve diverted and are walking over a mountain or other stuff.

Alright, I’ve had it happen a couple times now. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Yeah I’ll email the save if needed no problem

I believe that both of these issues have been fixed in build 0.14.2 (which should be up on Steam within the next 15 minutes). Please take a look, when you have a chance, and verify that they’ve been fixed.

Thanks for reporting! :smiley:

Can confirm that both saves it was happening in have stopped walking over the mountains. Thanks for fixing!

Yay! Thanks for the confirmation!