Placing " in the MMORPG Name crashes the game

Issue: Placing " in the mmorpg name crashes the game (or ’ )
Crash (y/n): Yes
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows 7
Description: When you place quotation marks (" or ') in the MMORPG Name the game will crash
ps:It just when making a new MMORPG

I can’t seem to reproduce this…

I have a recent crash report from you which was occurring inside a mouse click on editable text. Is that the same crash as this one?

The editable MMORPG name uses string validation, to ensure that no special characters can go into it (quotes, apostrophes, etc). That seems to be working for me to keep me from putting a quote in there. There is a bug that when the cursor isn’t at the end of the string and a typed character doesn’t get inserted into the string, the text insertion cursor moves one character to the right. I’ll definitely fix that. I can perhaps imagine how that could maybe lead to a crash? But I can’t seem to actually make it happen. Will fix that issue anyway.

Okay, I think I have the issue.

The actual bug here is if a text edit box is completely empty (as, for example, if you select all the text in it and replace it with an invalid character for its field type, like " or ', and you then click on the field again, you get a crash. It actually has nothing to do with the " or the ' characters or the bad insertion caret behaviour when you type them; it’s just clicking on an empty text edit pane.

As a fun side-note, the insertion caret also is hidden when the string is empty. Which can of course make it difficult to even see there’s a text entry widget at all.

All of the above will be fixed in the next build.