Placing Elite Monster

Issue: Placing Wrong Elite Monster
Crash (y/n): n
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): windows
Since im new to that beta testing and so on i dont know if its a bug or not but i couldnt find anything about it… maybe i just makes something wrong ?..
But everytime i try to place an Elite monster like a bear… or a spider… the elite Monster that appear is the Kobold elite monster

I’ll confirm; you can select any monster type and the selected type will appear in the preview, but only the first monster type is actually used for the placed monster. Adding this to my list! Will try to have this fixed in today’s bugfix build. :slight_smile:

(Note that different games can have different monsters in the first monster slot; it’s not guaranteed to be a kobold. But whatever that first slot contains, that’s the one which gets placed for all elite monsters right now, regardless of which one the user selected)

Thanks for reporting!

Oh great i wasnt sure If its really a Bug or not… but wanted to ask and Report if it was one or not <3
Definitly will try out more today

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