Performance on Windows


This is a very quick note; I’ve been noticing that as games get bigger, the game is starting to have performance problems, but only on Windows. On Linux and OSX, performance remains relatively constant, but for some reason, growing a game larger has a surprisingly bad effect on performance in the Windows build. (I have one saved game from @Daniel, for example, with about 2000 players connected simultaneously, which runs at 60fps on my computer when running on Linux, but under 20fps on the same computer, when running Windows.)

I’m investigating! We’ll see whether I can’t figure out the issue. :smiley:


i have noticed that on my laptop which i duel boot windows and linux that i get better frame’s on ubuntu than i do windows. i assumed it was just because linux is easier on my system than windows 10 is.


I presume that it’s going to be something subtle I’m doing in a way that Windows doesn’t like, somewhere. Like how loading times used to be longer on Windows because the way I was doing loads before just happened to be going through one of Windows’ “bad paths” which simply performed badly; changing the load to work differently, and suddenly performance was the same across the board, again.

I don’t know what the problem is yet; profiling isn’t clearly pointing a finger at a single area of code, the way it did with file loading. I’ve tried doing builds which aren’t capable of generating crash reports, and some other similar things, to try to disable bits of code which Windows is running but Linux isn’t, but haven’t figured out what’s going wrong, yet… I’m still on it, though! (and many of the optimisations I’ve been trying have yielded performance boosts across all platforms; they just haven’t yet found what’s hurting Windows more than other OSes, yet)


Also belatedly, you’re the first confirmed person other than me playing the game on Linux! :slight_smile:

Glad to have that box ticked!


Okay, build is now coming; I think I’ve sorted this out!

EDIT: Okay, the builds I’m producing manually seem to be fixed, but the ones coming from the build server still have bad performance on Windows. It’s past 3am here, so I’m going to get some sleep and pick this up in the morning. Or… afternoon. Once my brain is working again.


And the fixed build (0.14.11) is out! Windows builds should now be on a par with Linux builds, in terms of performance.

(Linux and OS X builds will also be faster than before. Rendering optimisations mean that everybody wins! :smiley: )