Performance issues?

Sorry for this rant-like bug report - and the fact I skipped the format, however it doesn’t entirely seem necessary for this style of post. I’m just confused about performance at the moment, I totally understand you’ve already partly addressed this in “Performance on Windows” but I’m experiencing even bigger performance issues than the one you spoke about. I’d love to know what GPU and CPU they have.

My current specifications are as follows:

CPU C.40 gHZ Intel i7-6700
RAM 16GB hyperX (DDR4)
OS Windows 10 (64b)

Sorry if I’m hazy, or more need to be listed for more conclusive readings but I don’t have a huge knowledgebase on specifications, my dad built my computer for me. Anyway, I digress - I’m posting this to ask if this is my issue or the games? Because you reported 2000ish players causing 20fps, well with only 200 players I’m actually experiencing 30-40 with very frequent 0-2fps drops for a second or so. - I can’t put the game in anything other than real-time else it becomes literally unplayable, and I’m pretty sure if I continue to gain concurrent players, it’ll be unplayable soon anyway.

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Thanks for reporting, Kate! That’s definitely useful information.

Do you get the frequent 0-2fps frame rate drops if you pause time in the game, or do they only happen while time is running at a normal speed?

If they go away when the game is paused, then they’re most likely to be due to pathfinding, which has become quite slow around walls, and needs to be reimplemented.

If it is pathfinding, you can currently speed up pathfinding by taking a few steps:

  1. Don’t place walls, and remove any you’ve already placed. (Walls increase the amount of work needed when pathfinding; the new pathfinding strategy will have a much easier time navigating around walls).
  2. Don’t place buildings inside monster zones, and remove any you’ve already placed.
  3. Minimise the amount of obstruction-type terrain (Mountains and chasms) placed in your active region(s). This actually shouldn’t matter much, but the pathfinding could have serious trouble if you’ve actually walled off a region into separate pieces.

Your CPU is easily fast enough to play the game (It’s actually exactly the same CPU I use on the fastest of my development PCs), and your GPU should be great as well. RAM and OS are likewise basically identical to mine. So… I’m not seeing anything that should be different for you than for me.

What resolution is the game running at? (If you’re in “fullscreen window” mode, that will be the same as your desktop resolution). It would be interesting to switch into “window” mode and try a few different window sizes, to see if that helps?

Alternately, turning off some effects (shadows, bloom, multisampling, etc) might also be interesting, just to see if reducing any of them suddenly brings your frame rate up. (You shouldn’t need to do any of that to play the game on a computer with those specs, but just to help us diagnose where the slowdown you’re seeing is coming from, so I know what needs to be worked on)

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Thanks for the fast response! I’ll be sure to try this out, I have played quite a few walls - and my monster zones have assets in them but not buildings. I’ll start a new MMORPG soon and take your advice, I usually play in windowed - and rarely in 1080 full-screen.

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Hi, Kate!

Could you take a look at the latest builds and let me know how performance has changed for you? We’re still using the old (slow) pathfinding system, but performance should be substantially better in general now, particularly when there are a lot of players in the game!

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I haven’t been able to test it a huge amount recently - I’ve been super busy in real life thingies!

But my base FPS has improved, it’s roughly around 40-50fps now which isn’t as bad as 20 of course. I’m still experiencing the frequent 1fps drops however, the realm I was testing it in is quite wall heavy. I’ll be able to do more testing somewhat soon.


Thanks for reporting back, Kate!

I think the frame rate drops will be sorted out by the pathfinding rewrite that I’ve been thinking about (and the illness I’ve been fighting off for the past week and a bit is finally receding enough that I can start to think about actually implementing it!)

I have a couple of little game features which are going in first, and then I’ll get to the new pathfinder which should sort that out a bit.

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