Parties hindering quest progress?

I enabled parties and noticed that almost all of my users started grouping and “grinding”. Which is fine, however, now new users do 3 quests, then they start grinding which completely breaks the quest chain (not that i care T-T).

But now new users are going into combat without any weapons, and I can see that the parties with atleast 1 or 2 weapons rarely gets wiped out or lose a member, and the parties without weapons get destroyed.

Best part is, the first quest giver has the following quests in order: go to the tavern, blacksmith, potion store, and finally another quest giver. The blacksmith at the “starter village” is 0 gold.
The problem is, they dont do the quests to go to the blacksmith, they party up and roam into lvl 4 areas to go grind…

I disabled the partying feature and my quest giver’s stats started to sky rocket, and almost every new player completes the starting village quests.

Which is why I got curious and decided to ask if the party system neglects quests, or if it rather prioritizes grinding.
Also, if a user is lower leveled or does not have a quest (say kill 5 lvl 4 rats) can they join a party that is currently higher leveled or doing that quest? ← this would explain the issue above.

To help users who want to grind in a party I placed a Blacksmith, a Shop, a Potion Shop and a Respawn Point very close to a cluster of Monster Zones, so when they get killed and respawn, they can buy or repair weapon, stock up on potions and sell their loot.

When new users enter a zone at the entrance to the zone there is a quest giver that sends them to the Tavern, the Inn, and potion shop and the store, asking them go drink some beer, get a room , stock up on potions and sell their loots, so if they then decide to go Monster Hunting they are set up.

I also set the convenient Respawn Point to 10 gold, the main respawn point is free, so if they don’t want to respawn far away from the Monster Zone they can pay the 10 gold

I have experimented some more and have found out that if you place your quest givers at the entrance to the zone and close to the start point (if you have one in the zone) when players enter the zone they can see quest givers and pick up quests. You can also add additional quest gvers to direct players to other quest givers around the zone.

I place 5 modular buildings in water and place a quest giver to send them to these 5 buildings

I place 5 Landmark buildings around the zone and have another quest giver to send them to these Landmark buildings

I place 5 other Modular buildings and place another quest giver to send them to these Modular buildings.

I place the usual buildings like Tavern, Inn, Blacksmith,… and place another quest giver to send them to these buildings

For each NPC Monster Zone I place a quest giver in front of the zone giving quests to player to kill 10 monsters and a couple of elite and at the entrance to the zone with other quest givers above I place another quest giver to go see these other quest givers giving quest to kill monsters. Since each quest giver can [give 5 quests for the cost of 1 quest giver npc you can send players to 5 different monster zones to see 5 different other quest givers.

It is my experience that they do these quests as these quests are the first thing they see when they enter the zone and keep on doing them as evident by the number quests handed out in total and number of quests completed today as well as the name of the quest a player is doing.
Hope this helps

Okay, i followed your advice. I am now able to get almost all the new users to go get weapons (This is still with parties disabled). And i’ve gotten most of the old users funneled through a city that gives them weapons (for the idiots that decided they don’t need weapons

But now, I followed the new users to see if they are following the entire Quest story line. And I find that all of them get to a certain quest (This is like the 3rd quest giver in the starting village) and their “status” is a follows:
Pickup a quest,
Asks a guard for directions
Go Grinding.
And off they go to a nearby lvl 2 monster zone (as a lvl 1 mage with a pointy stick). So the quest is suppose to send them to another quest giver at the lvl 1 beach monster zone. It’s not far away, and there is a path going straight to the beach.

I’ve tried a few things, but it seems like at this point the users are just abandoning the quest line.

I’ll try and send them to the lvl1 zone and place a quest giver NPC to ‘ïntercept’ them.

That is so strange. I have a starting point in every one of my zones which is just at the entrance to the zone when you come out of the mountain pass and all the quest givers are there.

I have under a separate thread uploaded a save game file with almost 48k users and a lot of money (almost 6 mil). If you want to see for yourself their behavior for yourself. I have followed many of the users as they get in the game they pick up quests and shows quest names, follow them to finish the quest and turn it in, pick up another one, turn it in… They also stop to socialize but they do quests. My game has both Parties and PVP enabled.

Hey what do you say as an experiment start a new game, place a quest giver to send them to all 5 buildings and another quest giver to send them to kill a few monsters and check to see if they follow through those quests… Granted you need to have Parties enabled but if you are spending a little time to place some building that shouldn’t be difficult to achieve.

This will determine if you have an issue with your current game or something else is causing the issue.