Our chinese translation has been completed

our chinese translation has been completed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m still updating the list of strings! There’s probably another 400-500 strings to go into the system. :slight_smile:

And then for chinese support, I’ll have to upgrade our font rendering abilities. But having an already-completed translation sitting there will definitely move that higher up on my priority list!

Also note that the chinese translation has only reached the “every string has at least one proposed translation” point; only about 6% of the translated strings have achieved consensus from other chinese language speakers, so far! But that’ll come. Especially once our first localised builds start going out and I start pushing more players towards the localisation site!

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哈哈哈,我们有个q群 (1035290437) ,昨天看官方说已经在整多语言了,我就发群里说了下,结果群里的大佬哐哧哐哧一天就搞定了 。