Optimal DPS doesn't calculate with point numbers

Issue: (Optimal DPS doesn’t calculate with point numbers)
Crash (y/n): (n)
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): (Windows)
Version number: (0.17.56)
Description: (It seems that the Optimal DPS doesn’t calculate with point numbers. If I set skill 1 of a class to 0.7 damage and skill 2 to 1.4 (both skills with 1 sec cooldown). This class has a optimal DPS of 0. Also if i set only one skill with for example 2.5 damage and 1 sec cooldown this class only have a optimal DPS of 2.0. I think this bug is not the main bug on your list but i also want to report this. Maybe there is only an integer in your calculation that this cut of the decimal place)

You’re absolutely right! The Optimal DPS calculation was written back in the old days when everything did integer values of damage; switching it to use floats has fixed this problem. :slight_smile:

This will be fixed in the next update!

EDIT: Also, the ‘Optimal DPS’ value is used as one major part of the ‘tier ranking’ system, so this fix may help fix up some tier ranking issues as well, I hope! :smiley:

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@trevor thank you
It seems to work fine. How can i move this to “fixed”?

I’m not sure if you can, but I’ve done it! :smiley: