Opinion poll about building

In Tycoon games, there are generally three ways that building can be done:

  1. You lay down “zones”, and buildings get built based upon demand, but you’re charged for the size of the zone. This is your classic SimCity-style “City-Builder” approach.
  2. You lay down buildings, and those buildings are instantly effective. This means that one play style is to look around for what people need, and build the buildings that will fulfill those needs right next to them. This is how games like Roller Coaster Tycoon work.
  3. You lay down plans for buildings, but your minions go to actually fulfill your plans. This means that you can’t do the “place the ice cream stand right next to that VIP who wants ice cream in order to make him happy” thing from method 2, because there’s typically a long time between when you’ve set the plan and when the building actually becomes active.

Right now, MMORPG Tycoon 2 is in an awkward spot between type 2 and type 3; you place a building and the building instantly exists, but it doesn’t become “active” until one of your developers goes over to it and “turns it on” (which is a distinction which isn’t currently visible).

What do people think; should we be moving more toward type 2, or toward type 3? (Is there any desire for type 1? Lay out a ‘town’ zone and have your developers automatically populate it with buildings and roads and stuff?)

Interested in other people’s takes on this point of design.

I like 3 if its animated its the way that games such as prison architect do it and there is something nice about watching things being built.

Currently I think buildings should use 3 how ever maybe the monster zones and the like should use 1 or a quick version of 3.

2 is great for sandbox modes and the like but I think its a little dated now?

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Yeah, I can’t actually think of many recent games which do the “build this thing immediately” thing; everything seems to be moving toward the “workers come by and build things visibly” direction. I can totally do that; the only awkward bit is around how best to show not-yet-constructed things as a “plan”.

Probably need a modification to the “digital” effect which can be left on persistently, until the objects actually get constructed?

Interesting. My only problem with 3 is how it would work in an MMORPG sense. What would be interesting with the 3rd option would be setting up “building zones” for the players where we get to watch them build houses/bases. It seems like it would be more plausible that players build their place bit by bit… whether or not it be predetermined by a transparent layout that gets filled in when they have resources for a particular area.

I think for most popular MMO’s like WoW or SWTOR the developer will have the buildings object pre-made before implementing it into the world for players to see (though I’m sure if this is what happens). I can’t imagine players watching the developers build while they’re in the game - unless it’s Minecraft or something.

I’m just spitballing here but how about after clicking the building that you intend to place, there’s a short sort of “timer” while the modelling team creates the object - Only a short timer that fills up like, say, when making villagers in age of empires. After that we are able to implement the objects into the world.
I mean we can show our intention of what we need then work on other aspects of the game while waiting for modelling team to do their thing… Maybe something like that.

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