Opinion on possible mounts in the future and custom items/armor

With the upcoming roadmap updates, wouldnt it be cool to make dropable items from mobs in dungeons or items that you could get from quests or buy from shops? Aswell as possible mounts would be a cool addon? Whats your opinion on these topics?


That would be freaking awesome, there would be no limit to things you could do with that

That would be really cool! Right now the weapons just say “GOOD and UNSUITABLE”, so what im seeing is that the weapons break after a while. Adding maybe EXELLENT weapons from dungeons with a fancier design, more dmg and durability would be awesome.

And adding like a mount shop with a +40% mount, and having maybe 60% and upwards dropping from dungeons.

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That might seem like a lot to take in for trevor but this ideas would make the game surely something even more special :ok_hand:t2:

The weapons “break” when the player levels up, so they need to buy a new weapon every new level.