Only three regions?

I created a new MMO and did the Tutorial, and was a little surprised to find only three regions, but thought that might be a new part of the tutorial, to limit scope.

But I’ve started a new game without the tutorial, and it also has only three regions, which makes me suspicious that something’s not working right… I mean I usually only get to creating two level 1 regions and one level 2 one, but I doubt the game is planning that I’ll only get that far. :slight_smile:

That’s intentional! We start you with only three regions available, so that new players don’t get lost in a huge WoW-sized world right from the start.

There are tools over on the ‘Grid’ tab which let you raise and lower regions as you need them. That needs to be tied into progression, but I’m still designing exactly how that will work.

Hmmm. but I can’t see those regions that are not available yet. So I can’t think about where I will be bale to build passes and where there will be no connection possible. There needs to be something more here, I think. :slight_smile: