One question :D

When beta is available?

That’s a fair question!

Right now, a pre-alpha build is with a tiny tiny group of about six people, basically just doing stability testing. With their help, I’ve tracked down a whole bunch of crash bugs and other little problems, and now I’m back working on the general gameplay mechanics, and particularly all the little UI niceties you need in any Tycoon game in order to practically tell what’s really going on inside the game simulation.

My plan is that with the next big build (which I’m mentally calling “Milestone 13”), I’ll be widening the circle of testers. Milestone 13 should be more recognisable as a fully formed tycoon-style game, but it will still be a pre-alpha build.

Once we reach something I’m happy to call “alpha” (which realistically might be as early as Milestone 14?), I’ll be beginning to think about Early Access. My current plan is to have a rather lengthy Early Access period on Steam, in which we’ll add content over time.

General time frame for that might be March->May of 2017? That’s what I’m shooting for, anyway. There will be opportunities for folks who are interested to join the testers long before that, though. That should start happening for the Milestone 13 build, which ought to be during November, if no calamities strike!

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But it’s worth noting that when I say “we”, I’m mostly using the “royal we”; I’m pretty much a solo developer on this game at the moment, although I do have a couple awesome freelancers who are creating models and sounds for me.

But 95% of the hours spent on making the game are just mine, right now. I’m doing my best to get to a shippable product as quickly as possible! :smiley:

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