Oh how it sucks to be a lvl 1 user with no gold!

I guess it has been a while since I have been a lvl 1 player @ any MMORPG, I am almost lvl 800 at Elder Scrolls Online so I forgot how bad sucks to be a newbie with no gold.

I have set up 20 zones in my game and 13 of them have their own Starting Point so when I saw a level 1 user sign in to a level 13 zone I was curious what was it going to do? So I put the focus on thie guy and watched it run through 2 huge zones before signing out at an Inn. I was wondering why it is not taking the Griffin flights as each zone is just covered by them then I realized they cost 10 gold each.

Sorry little guy I made you run across 2 zones just so sign out because of you now the Griffin flights are all free to everyone! Be nice to your users Have mercy on the newbies and since we can’t choose price base on lvl yet make it so they newbie can enjoy services just like the higher lvl guy.

you should probably not put a starting point in a zone other than level 1

Oh I have tried that as well, the problem is that will then overload the level 1 zone. When you have 38k users and have an Ad campaign running you will get flooded with new subscribers who all want to start the game in level 1. You will start to get messages of zone overloaded. But with every zone has a starting point and now that the Griffin Flights are all free they can get to any zone they want while they stop to socialize and have fun!

You’re going to want multiple starting zones that continue into multiple low level zones, same as how most actual MMORPGs do it. Having one zone per level is quickly going to cause overcrowding and unhappy players in the lower level zones while the higher level zones are largely empty.

There are starting points in all 20 zones. I haven’t found out why a level 1 player would start in a level 13 zone but now that Griffin Flights are free they can catch them from one end of the zone to the other end and into the next zone as well.

Multiple starting zones as in multiple level 1 zones with their own starting portals. I don’t think they get to choose where they start and those portals are only ever used when new level 1 characters first enter the world, so there’s no reason to have them anywhere else. Having level 1 players randomly start all over the place and fly to the starting zone hides the problem, but doesn’t really solve anything.

Thinking back about all the MMORPG games I have played there is always one single starting point. A level 1 player always zones into this level 1 zone as it is suitable to level 1 users, does the tutorial, levels up to level 2 and moves to a level 2 zone by using a (Mountain Pass) like a passage or some other means such as a Teleportation Portal to a level 2 or any other zone.

When you start a new MMORPG Tycoon 2 game depending how how you have set up your game and how many quests or how much XP users need to level you can easily overload level 1 zone especially if you have a Web AD campaign going to attract new players so you have two choices and they are:

  1. Build multiple level 1 zones
  2. Build Level 1, 2, 3, 4…m zones and place a Starting Point Portal in each and make it easy for them to get back to level 1.

The option 2 will only work for a while if you have made if difficult for your users to level from level 1 to a level 2 as you can overload level 1 area as it can only accommodate 800 players, however if you don’t make it difficult for them to level quickly by having a lot of quests or Monster Zones so they can gain XP rapidly then they don’t stay in level 1 zone very long and quickly move on to level 2.

The Griffin Rides stretch from one end of the zone to the other end of the zone which makes it VERY expensive at the beginning of the game but then again unless you have unlocked it at the start of the game it will take you some time to unlock it and hopefully there will be enough money to place them. I was charging 10 golds for each ride and noticed a level 1 player zone into level 13 and try to run back to level 1, felt really bad for it and made them all free! Problem solved.

World of Warcraft is a notable counterexample, as it had three different starting zones per faction when first released. Each new playable race that was added then got its own starting zone too. When the Death Knight class was added, they even got their own class-specific starting zone. The game didn’t have one starting zone per race on release, but it was pretty close (eight races in six starting zones).

Then why have those portals at all? You’re spending money just to waste player time. Unless the goal is to make the world feel artificially alive by having lots of flying players, all it really seems to achieve is to spare you the effort of deleting 19 portals that you built before you knew how they work.

As I stated earlier I am not really sure why a level 1 player would zone into a level 13 zone, maybe this is something that will change in the future. As an experiment I will remove all other 19 starting points from my game and see if they will all zone into level 1 zone. It was something I noticed, felt bad and commented on it.

With all the hours I have spent playing the game I am really not sure how does the player spending their gold is of any benefit to the developer of the game, how does it translate to real money for the developer. I understand the player needs an incentive to do quests and kill mobs and the reward has always been Gold, Loot, and XP, but when they spend their gold to buy weapons it benefits them not the developer, unless you are changing the cost from gold to real money which is another discussion entirely, I don’t think if they are paying money to buy the game and money to subscribe to the game they should still pay any other money unless Trevor decides to implement some form of Microtransaction to make the developer money, things like housing, special mounts, In Game Pets to follow you around, furniture for the house… None of these are new ideas Elder Scrolls Online has been taking my money for all sorts of Microtransactions…

I will report back once I have had a chance to see the result of removing the other 19 starting Points.

Do non level 1 people actually spawn in those starting gates or is it all level 1?

I have watched (used Focus) level 1 player log into a level 13 zone and try to get back to level 1 zone. I don’t know if this is a “feature” as the game is in early access and will be changed later but I am in process of removing all Starting Point portals fiem zones level 2 to zone level 20 and will monitor levels of players getting into the game using the Starting Point on level 1.

OK So I have removed the other 19 Starting Point Portals from Zones level 2-20 and have checked every single player who has zoned into the game using the Starting Point Portal in level 1. I can confirm that they are all level 1 new players. So apparently all new players zone into level 1 and as they log back into which ever zone they logged out of.

This confirms that if you place a Starting Point Portal into any zone you will have new players zoning in through the portal to join the game.

This can effectively become an issue if you only have 1 Level 1 zone and are getting many players in as a result of advertising or online Buz since a zone capacity maxes out at 800 regardless of how many Inns you place. Happy Planning your starting Zones everyone!

Capacity? Are you talking about number of people online at once? I believe that is raised by servers, right? Even so, more zones are useful as it stops people from feeling the game is overcrowded.