NPC Quest Name updating incorrectly after editing quest with Elite Monster as objective

Issue: After editing an automatically created quest from a quest giver NPC to a new objective of slaying an Elite Monster, the name of the quest did not update correctly. The new quest name points to killing Skeletons, while the Elite Monster created was an Elite Kobold, Level 3, called Bloodtusk.
Crash (y/n): n
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows 10
Description: I created a quest giver NPC and an Elite Monster level 3 of the Kobold type, called Bloodtusk, and wanted to direct players to the Elite Monster with a quest incentive from the NPC. However, after editing one of his previous quests with this new objective, the name of the quest updated incorrectly.

The new quest name points out to killing Skeletons, while the Elite Monster type is a Kobold. There is some level of variation with the quest name like the game usually does, but all of them point to killing Skeletons, never an Elite Kobold.

Iā€™m not sure if this is currently considered a bug or just something not yet implemented, since I believe Elite Monsters are kinda new right now, but I wanted to point that out either way. It also happens repeatably, creating a new NPC and pointing it to the Elite Monster also creates the same name type of quest.

Elite monsters are sort of new, but I should have thought about quest names when I set it up so that they could be the targets of quests!

Adding this to the list for a fix soon!

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Elite monster quest names are being generated more appropriately in the next build!

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