NPC Placement Task Not Completing

Issue: NPC Placement Task Not Completing
Crash (y/n): n
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): windows
For some reason the task given to place two npc quest givers won’t complete. other quests have been completing but I cant get this one to complete.

I have sent the save game to you.

Investigation shows that it’s because this is an old saved game, from before there was more than one type of NPC, so at the time of the save, the quest wasn’t set up to track the correct “type” of NPC; just to track any NPC. Nowadays, we’re looking for a specific type of NPC, and I neglected to fix that during the save upgrade process from old saved games.

I’ve now fixed things so that if you load an old saved game, it now correctly upgrades the save’s request-progress-trackers for NPC placements to be looking for quest givers.

I’ve also fixed things so that if between MT2 builds a request changes from one type of NPC to another (or one type of building to another, or etc), and you were partway through completing that request, it now will notice that your save was storing progress toward one thing, while the request is now asking for progress toward something different, and will reset your progress on that specific thing (and fix the request such that it’s now watching for the right things).

As usual, if a request changes after you’ve completed it, you keep the credit for completing it, regardless.

This bug will be fixed in the next build. Thanks!

can confirm that this is now working correctly :smiley: