Npc bug when trying to place

for some reason when trying to place an NPC it says that it is “Too close to obstruction”. however, you can place it just fine. not really game-breaking but it would be a nice quality-of-life fix.

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Welcome to the MMORPG Tycoon2 community Traxuim.

This happens to me as well, easy workaround is to place the NPCs first and then place all the buildings. If you already have placed all the buildings and you get this message it will eventually let you place the NPC if you click a few times.

You can drag-and-drop NPCs around after you’ve placed them, so if you want to avoid the problem, all you have to do is place your NPCs anywhere else and then drag them to where you want them.

But I agree that this is annoying, even if it’s just a visual thing.