Non steam vendors

I’d really like to buy this game but I find steam really annoying to use. Is there any plan to sell on GOG or anywhere else?

I’m still really hoping for an answer to this question. It’d be nice to know if should keep excitedly checking in on updates and announcments periodically or if I just have to decide if I want this game bad enough to deal with steam again.

Sorry I didn’t give a response earlier; I seem to have missed the post!

I have no particular plans in place for where else to sell the game at the moment; I absolutely am not against selling on other stores. Right now, though, we’re only on Steam just because it’s the easiest one to support while in Early Access (I’ve been told horror stories about trying to get updates out on GOG, for example, where it seems to be a very manual process requiring effort by GOG employees, while I can deploy updates to Steam all by myself in just a couple minutes)

If we go to other stores (which we probably will, I imagine!), it’s more likely to be on or after full release, when the pace of updates won’t be quite so frenetic.

Thanks a bunch for getting back to me.
I had no idea updates were so difficult on the dev end with GOG. In that case I’m glad to see the game is not planed to be steam exclusive and I eagerly look forward to the full release.